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<center>Immigrants Role in Today's Society </center></body> <P><center>by Kara Kunst</center></P> <p>Immigrants have insignificant roles in society. They should be forced to live in their native countries until they learn the U.S. tactics and can help the society expand and grow, instead of demeaning and undermining it. The United States is made up of immigrants from all over the country. Since the pilgrims first set foot on the American soil, immigrants have played a part in society. However, as the years have gone by their role became smaller and smaller. People from all over the country that cross over into the United States are given less of a chance to survive in the economically based society. Recent immigrants are given low paying jobs and are often deemed unsuccessful or useless to the now booming businesses.</p> <P>The recent U.S. immigrants make up most of the lower class citizens in America. They often hold very low job positions in the U.S. society. Immigrants should stay in their home country instead of trying to survive the realistic, fast pace, economic struggle that the United States offers. When immigrants enter the U.S. they are without sufficient education that would supply them with money-making jobs. Instead the new immigrants are forced to struggle in the U.S. with low-income jobs working as waitresses, fast food workers, or maids. The immigrants do not contribute to a better American Society.</P> <p>When immigrants come to the United States looking for work they often have language barriers that separate them from the rest of the United States citizens. The immigrants that come to the U.S. sometimes don't even speak English. How is America supposed expand and grow economically when it is made up of people who don't speak the language. We the people have to use our tax dollars to support poor incoming immigrants from poverty. Most of the U.S. population is on welfare and most of those on welfare are new immigrants. The United States is focusing too much on incoming immigration, instead of taking care of the immigrants that are poor living in the U.S.</p> <p>I agree that anyone who wants to, can enter the United States. However, they should only be able to enter once the United States has taken care of the immigrants already within its borders, and a governmental official can adequately state that the incoming immigrants would not lessen the United States social standard. Until we control the poverty that has erupted inside the U.S. borders from new immigrants only then can we allow others to enter. By having so many people from other countries flood the U.S. borders it only insures future poverty and higher taxes.</p> </body> </html>