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They Keep on Knocking, Should We Let Them In?

by Sophie Daubeny

"Immigration has added to the vitality of the country as well as the strength of our economy. America must always remain a refuge for those fleeing oppression. At the same time, we must be able to control our borders to protect our security as well as to keep our work force stable. I believe the current level of immigration should be maintained", democrat Bill Bradley comments. He is only one of the many who has views on immigration reform today.

People argue that the immigrants contribute little to the American society and that they are not really interested in becoming part of the society. Today the debate is still on that the immigrants are a drain on the American economy in that businesses are being forced to supply them with work.

As I understand it, the immigrants policy should be made primarily to help the economy and not just to help the world's problems. Unless there is a cut in the number of immigrants there will be a population boom, which will result in a drain upon our resources, for example education, health care and social security. Some ideas that could be considered are vaccinations before the point of entry to limit disease.

A compulsory period of time for adults and children to learn basic English, a limit to the immediate family and perhaps a pledge to stay in the country for possibly five years could be introduced. These measures would give more encouragement to work thus allowing contribution to the tax system. Economically it would be better and we would also benefit from the contribution that immigration reform is needed. But the primary concern must be that there is no discrimination to the different races, creeds,or religions.