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We Need to Put a Stop to Illegal Mexican Immigration

by Lauren Adamek

Today, we have an estimated 2.3 to 2.4 million illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States. Mexicans have the highest number of illegal people in the United States, mostly due to their poor economy and proximity and easy access into America. This outrageous number of illegal immigrants has to be stopped. These illegal Mexicans are stealing our jobs and hurting our economy.

In 1995, 1.3 million aliens were caught and sent home at the Mexican border trying to enter the United States. This is an indication that the border control is doing a good job preventing a majority of Mexicans from entering our country. The problem is that the Mexicans that attempt to enter illegally are not punished, instead they are released. Most Mexicans that are caught try multiple times to get past the border control.

The Mexicans that do make it over the border are usually unskilled and uneducated. They will accept a very low wage and therefore Americans lose jobs to them. Due to this low income many undocumented Mexicans receive public assistance in the form of welfare, health care, and education. The money spent on these immigrants should be used for American citizens. If a undocumented immigrant gives birth to a child in the United States that child is considered an American. They are put right into our education system even though they usually can only speak Spanish and have been taught little education by their parents. Here again our government is spending money on illegal aliens instead of American children.

I think it is extremely unfair to American citizens to continue to pay for undocumented Mexicans to live in our country. We need to punish Mexicans that are caught by border control by never allowing them to enter the United States. If an alien is found in America they should be tried and punished, and them sent home. Children of illegal immigrants should be considered as illegal as well. If our country put any one of these ideas into practice, we would save a lot of money and find that our unemployment rate would drop.